Best Thought Leadership Videos: Ideas and Examples

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    What better way to convey authority than eye to eye?

    That’s what thought leadership videos help you do. By giving voice to your expert, they give the viewers original insights on important subjects. Moreover, they deliver them in an engaging and memorable way.

    There are many kinds of thought leadership videos. Here are the most interesting types and examples to get you started.

    What qualifies as a Thought Leadership Video?

    “Thought leadership” is a big word that qualifies simple things: content that is both insightful and convincing to B2B buyers. This type of content demonstrates a strong take on business-critical subjects. The same applies to thought leadership videos. You can identify them via 3 criteria : 

    • Forward-thinking topic: Discuss emerging trends, innovative strategies, or new technologies in the industry. The topic is relevant and of interest to B2B buyers. It also aligns with the brand’s expertise and product offerings.
    • Expert speakers: The speakers in the video are recognized experts in the field. They could be senior executives from the brand, industry thought leaders or external experts. They provide deep insights and unique perspectives on the topic.
    • Engaging format: The video is well-produced and engaging. It could include storytelling, case studies, interviews, animations, or interactive elements. The content should be presented in a clear and concise manner, with practical recommendations for the viewers.

    Designing a Thought leadership video: 6 interesting formats

    There are many types and formats of videos to convey your authority and share insights on a key subject : 


    What is it?

    A non-scripted discussion between actors and experts in the industry on a specific subject. 

    Why use it?

    Perfect to spark a genuine debate or conversation on a hot topic for your prospects and clients. 


    What is it?

    Interview of a subject-matter expert on a specific question or issue.

    Why use it?

    Great to give a voice to your internal experts or related industry leader.


    What is it?

    A video telling a compelling story about a market trend via animated elements and/or compelling voice narrator.

    Why use it?

    It can deliver great results when it comes to engaging your audience and increasing your brand awareness.


    What is it?

    Educational video that introduces a new or complex topic to your viewers.

    Why use it?

    It’s a good way to increase the awareness of your buyers or position yourself on an emerging market trend.


    What is it?

    A live and broadcast presentation of your executives on a strategic subject.

    Why use it?

    To promote a new vision of your company on a central market issue.


    What is it?

    Educational live and online presentations about a market trend or specific issue.

    Why use it?

    To educate and nurture your prospects and answer their questions directly.

    6 great Examples of Thought Leadership Videos 

    McKinsey –  The future of work after COVID-19

    What makes it great : 

    • A storytelling video giving the key trends driving businesses after the pandemic.
    • Compelling pictures of workers and professionals and unique brand identity.
    • Insights backed by the McKinsey The Future of Work research report.

    Zendesk – Zendesk Customer Experience Trends 2023

    What makes it great : 

    • A straightforward roundtable session about the key takeaways of a customer experience study.
    • Engaging host and format
    • Practical insights on the best practices to implement to match customer expectations in 2023.

    Adyen – The Future of Retail: Anytime, Anywhere Shoppers

    What makes it great : 

    • An insightful webinar on the future of omnichannel shopping experience (between online and in-store channels).
    • Compelling infographics and data about the shifts of consumer expectations and behaviors.
    • A key takeaway: ensuring a local payment method anytime anywhere.

    AutoDesk – What Is Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

    What makes it great : 

    • An easy-to-understand explainer video on a complex technology: BIM.
    • A detailed historical overview of the solution through key dates and the evolution of features.
    • Dynamic escalation of voice-over and narrative.

    Treasure Data – Earn the Right to Customer-Driven Growth

    What makes it great : 

    • Interview of a thought leader in the customer experience industry: Jeanne Bliss inventor of the term.
    • Great questions from interviewers that take the interviewee to the heart of the matter.
    • Inspirational storytelling and practical recommendations from the interviewee about how to ensure a memorable customer experience

    Okta- Identity Belongs to You

    What makes it great : 

    • Keynote involving every executive of the company but also customers and stakeholders on one compelling theme: being able to own identity management in companies.
    • One compelling vision conveyed throughout the conference: technology can help you increase security and both improve user and customer experience.
    • Variety of engaging keynotes, customer testimonials and product demonstrations.

    These examples will get you a head start on your thought leadership video project!

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