Set up a quality-first AI content process

I help you generate outstanding content by combining AI and human input.

Leveraging AI for your content marketing ?

It’s not an easy endeavor. LLMs admit key limitations: 

Generic output


Limited personalization

And you know what ? This makes sense.

AI models can't do it on their own.

You need to adopt a hybrid AI content approach :

SME research

Nourish AI with your experts' insigts

Prompt engineering

Optimize the content and structure of your instructions

Document retrieval

Leverage internal documents to improve AI's output

Human input

Keep marketers in the loop to outline Ai's output

That's what Intellectual Lead is all about

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Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Jean-marc, and like any content marketer I was stunned by the capabilities of generative AI. Thanks to constant experimentation, I’ve figured out an approach that combines the best of AI and human writers.