Sell Your B2B Prospects with SME Content

I help you build authoritative content for your B2B audience.

Looking to sell  a technical product or specialized expertise ?

We know the feeling. There’s a lot going on : 

skeptical buyers

Long sales cycle

Complex subjects

And you know what ? This is normal.

Traditional Content Marketing is not enough.

You need to attain and retain Intellectual Leadership:

SME personal Branding

Build and promote the unique voice of your SMEs

Expert Technical Writing

Show an unquestionnable knowledge of your core domains of expertise

Tech Thought Leadership

Define an unique intellectual positionning

Tech Storytelling

Craft stories that captivate your knowledgeable audience

That's what Intellectual Lead is all about

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Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Jean-marc, and it’s been 5 years that I’ve worked in the content marketing industry. By working for technically ambitious brands, I’ve realized that everyone could become a thought leader- including you.