The 5 Key Benefits of AI Writing Tools

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    Don’t believe AI can make a difference in your content writing process? Think again.

    LLMs can bring precise productivity gains, improve content quality, and make you able to launch new personalized content campaigns. 

    Here, I’ll prove how AI writing tools can help you with that.

    1. Time Efficiency and Increased Productivity

    The major benefit of AI writing tools is definitely time-saving. If you make LLMs an integral part, you can deliver content with the same quality in a significantly reduced time. 

    Here’s my own time saved that I experienced in a typical process of writing a quality article: 

    1. Research Work: 2 Hours Reduced to 2 Hours: ChatGPT-4 provides a useful starting point by offering an initial overview of your subject. However, it doesn’t replace the need for in-depth research. The tool gives superficial and generic knowledge, so you still need to gather new insights from external resources like expert interviews, company documentation, academic research, or personal experience.
    2. Building the Outline: 1 Hour Reduced to 30 Minutes: you can use ChatGPT-4 to create a basic outline for your content, which cuts down the time significantly. However, relying solely on AI might result in a generic output. Start by asking ChatGPT-4 for a preliminary outline, then refine it using insights gathered during your research. 
    3. Writing: 4 Hours Reduced to 30 Minutes : ChatGPT-4 excels in generating content quickly. With a refined outline, you can prompt ChatGPT-4 to expand each section into detailed paragraphs. This capability reduces your writing time from four hours to just 30 minutes, representing a massive productivity gain. 
    4. Proofreading and Editing: 1 Hour Reduced to 1 Hour While ChatGPT-4 generates coherent text, it often structures paragraphs similarly, making the content feel redundant or unnatural. Therefore, you’ll need to spend time editing to ensure the text feels genuine and engaging

    The overall Time Saved? Incorporating ChatGPT-4 into your writing process can reduce your total time from eight hours to four hours, giving you a 50% productivity gain. This means you can produce more content in less time without compromising quality.

    The Cost Saved? Creating a 2000-word article with a human writer typically costs around $300. With AI writing, you can get the same content length for approximately $140. This significant cost reduction makes AI writing an attractive option for your business, saving you more than 50% on content creation costs while maintaining high-quality output​.

    2. Improved Content Quality

    There’s this widespread idea that LLMs will inevitably lead to an increasing amount of crap content. 

    But in the right hands, AI can make content even more brilliant. It can make it easier to read, more engaging, and higher in perceived quality.

    By simplifying complex ideas and maintaining a clear structure, AI-generated content often surpasses human efforts in readability​. You just have to give it the right prompts.

    The research agrees with this statement. A study titled “Human Favoritism, Not AI Aversion” found that content generated solely by AI, such as ChatGPT-4, is perceived as higher quality than human-made content.

    Moreover, the study also showed that both augmented AI (where AI makes the final decision with human input) and augmented human (where humans finalize AI-generated drafts) models produce higher-quality content than AI-only or human-only methods. These two hybrid approaches result in content that is accurate, polished, and enriched with human insights and expertise​.

    Another survey assessed the perception of AI-generated content vs human-made. The conclusion was the same : users prefer AI-generated content because of its readability and engagement when not knowing it was AI-made. 

    So there’s much proof that AI can improve your writing impact. 

    3. Scalability and SEO

    Before AI, scaling your content marketing efforts with a small team seemed impossible. Now we have to think again. 

    With AI writing tools like ChatGPT-4, you can generate a large volume of content quickly and efficiently. This means you can maintain a consistent publishing schedule, which is vital for retaining audience engagement and visibility. 

    Which channel would benefit the most? Definitely SEO. Google loves regular and consistent content publishing. It always favors brands that consistently produce optimized content. And especially in a time when competitors are going to adopt AI writing tools, you have to keep the pace. 

    This is also a big win for small and agile content teams. You don’t need a large team of writers and editors when AI can handle multiple aspects of content creation. This efficiency translates into significant cost savings. You can reduce your labor costs while maintaining, or even improving, your content quality. 

    It also frees up your team to focus on strategic activities like content planning and audience engagement. Your marketing efforts can become more responsive and effective.

    4. Content Personalization

    AI writing tools make content personalization finally effective and feasible. Here are the many content use cases now possible with Gen AI : 

    • ABM AI-Generated White Papers and Reports: With AI, you can generate white papers and reports specifically tailored for high-value accounts in your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy. By inputting key data about your target accounts, AI crafts content that addresses their unique pain points and interests. This precision increase engagement and conversion rates of your ABM actions.
    • Tailored Email Content: AI helps you create highly personalized email content tailored to different audience segments. By analyzing user data and behavior, AI tools craft email campaigns that speak directly to each recipient’s needs and preferences. And these personalized emails will definitely drive higher open rates and conversions. 
    • Keyword Variation Page Creation: AI enables you to generate multiple variations of SEO-optimized pages like never before. Before it was a hassle to figure out a way to produce thousands of non-duplicate landing pages for similar long-tail queries (variation based on location or platforms for example like Spanish, French subtitle generator…). Now you just have to call Open-AI API at scale. 
    • Dynamic and Adaptive Content Static content is outdated. AI allows you to create dynamic content that adapts to user interactions. You can craft landing pages or blog posts that change based on user behavior or preferences. This adaptability improves user experience and boosts conversion rates. 

    5. Enhancing Multilingual Content with AI

    Machine learning already simplified content translation. Now the scaling law is even more significant. Now you can localize your content to an international audience as fast and easy as ever before.  

    AI tools like ChatGPT-4 streamline the localization process by providing quick and accurate translations. You can generate content in various languages simultaneously. This capability allows you to maintain a consistent brand voice across different markets, which is essential for global brand recognition​​.

    But where LLMs shines is in capturing cultural nuances. AI tools can adjust tone, idioms, and expressions to suit the target audience. With the right prompting process, you can ensure that your content resonates culturally as well as linguistically. You can avoid the pitfalls of literal translations and misinterpretations​.

    This is also very interesting for SEO. AI tools can optimize your content for search engines in multiple languages at scale. They can identify relevant keywords in different languages and integrate them naturally into your content, boosting your SEO efforts globally. 

    See how much you can benefit from AI for your content creation. Experiment now and make the most of it!

    Jean-marc is a confirmed AI content process expert. Through his methods, he has improved the quality of its clients' LLM content output.

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