The way to expert content

Do you create content for B2B decision-makers?

You might have noticed how such an audience is hard to attract and keep engaged :

  • They are often skeptical of new technologies.
  • They take time to make their decision, which involves many stakeholders.
  • Traditional marketing and advertising channels don’t reach them.

The result?

You spend a lot of time refining your content strategy to better target them.

And you’re never satisfied.

Every time you create and publish content, you start thinking twice:

Is this article compelling enough? Does it cover the topic comprehensively and without inaccuracies? Is it still catchy and engaging enough?

And so it takes twice as much effort to proofread and rewrite your content – because your credibility is at stake every time.

All this time-consuming effort is worth someting: in fact, the level of expertise of your prospects also means that they are more valuable.

You are trying to convince professionals with many responsibilities and who own large budgets.

Still, isn’t there a sure way to get the attention of your specialist audience?

Yes, there is. But it involves taking a new perspective on your content strategy.

You see, as a marketer or content manager, we aim primarily to achieve short-term goals.

We want to hit our MQL quarterly quota or meet our editorial calendar on time.

And this often leads us to focus on quantity rather than quality: content for immediate consumption rather than more elaborate and thoughtful content.

And that’s normal. As readers’ attention becomes scarce, we want to be sure to hook prospects and bring them into our funnel.

So we create case studies of a few lines, articles of a few paragraphs, and e-books of a few pages.

Basically, content that is short enough to be read.

But this approach has limitations.

Because what expert customers first want is to read a breakthrough idea.

Something that sparks their curiosity and makes them want to know more.

They need to see a new angle on a problem they’ve always dealt with, and for it to be explored in-depth.

This is what expert content delivers.

After 4 years of working for brands with high technical expertise, I know all the struggles of creating content for experts.

Through these experiences, I have designed a framework to create compelling content for an expert audience on a planned and regular basis.

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